There are many different oils that have a beneficial effect on your mind.

Amy Leigh Mercree

Is your atmosphere feeling a little drab? Using an oil diffuser is one way to instantly freshen things up, adding some moisture to the air while emanating the scent of your choice softly throughout your space.

Ultrasonic oil diffusers are the most popular and widely available type, only needing a small amount of distilled water and a few drops of an essential oil to operate. When switched on, a small disc located at the base of the device vibrates at an incredibly fast speed, disrupting the water held inside and breaking apart the water and oil molecules so that they turn to vapor. The mist is then channeled out of the device in a mesmerizing, billowing plume.

These devices are a fantastic alternative to air fresheners and scented candles, because they don’t disperse potentially harmful, unknown chemicals into the air, and the ultrasonic operation doesn’t pose a significant fire-hazard risk. Oil diffusers may not, however, be the best air-freshening option for households with pets. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats in varying doses, and folks who live in small-space homes or studio apartments are strongly recommended to eliminate all exposure that pets could possibly have to these substances.

Also, make sure that you’re only using pure, naturally derived essential oils with your diffuser to prevent headaches and other health risks! Finally, remember to thoroughly clean your oil diffuser after every use. We’ve found that letting the device run with water and a capful of white vinegar helps to break up any stubborn oil residue, so that you can rinse it clean afterwards.

Now that you’re educated on the essentials of essential-oil diffusers, check out 10 of our favorite ultrasonic models that let you reap all of their aromatherapeutic benefits.

Easehold Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser shape is undoubtedly one of our team’s favorites! This particular model from Easehold runs continuously for up to 1, 3, or 6 hours at a time, and has seven color-changing settings.

Senior Food/Drink Editor Danielle St. Pierre loves it for its ease of use, and for switching up her home fragrance throughout the day with essential oils.

She says: “I like that it acts as both a diffuser and a humidifier when the weather is dryer and colder, especially during the winter. Plus, the bottom of the diffuser has fun light settings, so I can pick a color that suits my mood.”

This similar diffuser from URPOWER is a favorite of executive editor Christine Anderson, who loves adding pumpkin-spice or sugar-cookie scents to hers before hosting guests during the holidays.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier

So many of our editors love that oil diffusers also double as humidifiers; however, site director Jamie Miles flips the script by choosing a humidifier that’s also compatible with essential oils!

She says: “This Honeywell humidifier has a separate oil tray where you can add your favorite aromatherapy drops, and as the mist fills the room, the scent accompanies it for an added sensory experience. The oil-diffuser tray is separate from the water bin, so it’s especially easy to clean and fill.”

This particular model holds 1.2 gallons of water and has adjustable mist control, so you can choose how noticeable the water vapors are. She also notes that it’s best for folks who actually do need a humidifier, as this 13-inch-high device takes up more space on a table than a regular oil diffuser does.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’ve ever spent time inside of a Muji store, you’ve probably developed a strong, urgent need to drop $120 on one of their diffusers.

While I’ve used the Muji diffuser model at home and absolutely love its understated look and simple functionality, this similar option from Amazon looks almost identical, and is actually equipped with more special features at a much lower price.

This top-rated oil diffuser from URPOWER billows scented vapor on a 3-, 6-, or 9-hour timer, or can be set to run until the tank depletes after 10 hours. It’s equipped with seven different color modes, and though the model pictured is blue, the device is actually white in color. Best of all, it can be operated completely via remote control!

AromaAllure Portable USB Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re trying to diffuse on the DL while you work, the adorably petite 3.5-inch-tall AromaAllure is a great fan-operated alternative to larger and mistier ultrasonic devices.

Add a couple of drops of an essential oil to the provided scent pad and turn on the device to have the scent dispersed by its internal fan. You won’t get any billowing oil vapor, but you’ll be able to enjoy the soothing smell while not disturbing your nearby neighbors!

This battery-operated fan lights up and runs silently for 30 minutes at a time, and it can also be plugged into a USB outlet to operate as well.

Sztrokia Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

If you’re looking for a distinctive design that stays totally silent as you mist essential oils, this funky-looking color-changing diffuser gives off the most chill nightclub vibes ever. The 6-hour-long continuous running time allows you to diffuse calming scents like cedarwood or lavender oil through the night as you sleep.