Whether we’re testing our favorite cold-brew brands, comparing coffee grinders, or finding the absolute best-tasting coffee beans on the planet, we’re full-blown coffee experts over here. So when it comes to narrowing down the best coffee makers — let’s just say we are totally qualified. Below, seven of our caffeine-addicted coffee-loving editors provided feedback on their absolute favorite coffee maker and why they love it so much.

From sleek espresso machines to dependable drip coffee makers, here are our editor-tested and -approved picks for the best coffee makers out there. And remember, folks: A cup of coffee a day could very well keep the doctor away. Now go grind!

Nespresso Pixie Original Espresso Machine by Breville, Titan

Style: Espresso (uses pods)
Yield: Espresso only

“With a small and narrow footprint, sleek chrome exterior, and super easy-to-use features, this Nespresso Pixie is probably my most beloved kitchen appliance.

It has two simple settings for a single espresso shot (2.7-ounce pour), or lungo (5-ounce pour), an automatic turn-off feature for safety, and tons of amazing Nespresso pod flavors to choose from.”


POWERFUL: Nespresso Pixie espresso maker has a 19 bar high-pressure pump that allows for a barista-style result, unlocking the delicate flavor of each coffee capsule.

EFFICIENT AND ENERGY SAVING ESPRESSO MAKER: System heats-up to ideal temperature in just 25 seconds and automatically turns off after 9 minutes, consuming less energy.

EASE OF USE: The Pixie is a programmable espresso maker with two one-touch buttons to create your favorite coffee and espresso recipes into the desired size; Espresso (2.7 oz), or Lungo (5 oz). Pour over ice to create your favorite iced coffee drinks.

SMART ESPRESSO MAKER: The red blacklights light up to let you know when the 24 oz. water tank needs to be refilled. The folding drip tray accommodates larger single serve cups and recipes such as lattes or cappuccinos. The Pixie is also easy to clean, the spent capsules are neatly ejected into an internal receptacle.

COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: Each machine includes a Nespresso Original welcome kit with a range of 14 capsules with unique aroma profiles.

OXO BREW Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Style: Pour-over (uses grounds)
Yield: Single cup

“For those days when I’m not hooked up to an IV drip of my usual coffee shop order, this little pour-over device quickly and easily percolates one perfect cup without prompting me to put pants on!

It’s topped with a see-through water tank that automatically dribbles a consistent flow of droplets over my favorite coffee grounds, so unlike most pour-over coffee makers that require some level of monitoring, there’s no need to stand by with a searing-hot kettle.”


  • Creates consistent, flavorful cups of pour-over coffee with minimal effort
  • Auto-drip tank precisely controls water flow rate for a consistent, well-balanced brew – there’s no need to stand by with a kettle!
  • Water tank features a precise hole pattern to distribute water evenly over coffee grounds.
  • Two different hole sizes automatically regulate water distribution for ideal brew time.
  • Measurement markings on Tank show exactly how much water to add up to 12 oz
  • Lid helps retain heat while brewing and can also be used a drip tray after lifting the Coffee Maker off of your mug
  • Dripper rests securely on a wide variety of mug sizes
  • Ribbed Dripper walls help encourage coffee flow to promote ideal brew time
  • Uses standard #2 cone coffee filters and includes 10 OXO Filters to start

Illy iPerEspresso Home X9 Coffee and Espresso Machine

Style: Espresso (uses pods)
 Espresso only (two different cup sizes)

“I’m picky about my coffee, but I also don’t have the barista skills to make anything fancy at home, which is why I love this espresso machine so much. It’s a little pricey, but I’ve found it to be so worth the splurge to be able to get a high-quality Italian espresso any time, and in a convenient pod system! 

It’s so easy, and in my opinion tastes 10-times better than using a Keurig. Plus, illy has a program where they’ll gift you a machine when you sign up for a coffee-pod subscription, which is kind of amazing.”


  • Effortlessly prepare espresso and coffee with easy to use one-touch operation
  • Compact design with fully frontal use (4.80″ x 10.60″ x 10.50″)
  • Room for two cups and the commands make it possible to memorize and select two different espresso sizes
  • Water tank: removable, can be refilled even when the machine is in function; capacity 0.70 litres (23.70 oz)
  • Works with illy Iperespresso capsules