Realme is comparatively a new brand in the smartphone industry. But when it comes to launching 5G devices, it won’t be left behind. It said that it’ll launch a 5G smartphone as soon as the network is up in India and China. But now, Realme India’s CEO Madhav Sheth has revealed that Realme will be launching 5G smartphones in 2019.

Anyways, there is no announcement of the exact date when they’ll launch the 5G smartphone. In his tweet, he also said that the company is determined to bring the best of technology to India at the earliest.

Even though Realme started its operations just last year, it has proved to be one of the major competitors in the budget segment – especially in the Indian market. It has been giving tough competition to Xiaomi as well as Samsung since it launched. Other than India, Realme has already entered other regions , which include Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and Egypt.

The company entered the Chinese market last month with the launch of Realme X and the Realme X Lite. Realme X Lite is just a re-branded version of the Realme 3 Pro but the Realme X is a newly released smartphone with the Pop-Up Mechanism for the front-facing camera.

CEO of Realme India, Madhav Sheth has also confirmed that Realme X would be launched soon in the Indian market. He also said that the phone will come with a different set of specifications compared to the Chinese variant.